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Realtor.com has selected QSC/RatedAgent.com (Quality Service Certification, Inc.), an independent provider of Ratings & Review data, the only qualified source for reliable assessment and feedback from real past customers. Realtor.com is committed to providing consumers with the highest standards of data accuracy and reliability – the Gold Standard for Ratings and Reviews consistent with the National Association of REALTORS® guidelines for presenting Fair and Accurate REALTOR® Reviews. This is a big step forward for consumers and REALTORS providing prospective buyers and sellers with feedback from only real actual past customers. The customer feedback data available on the RatedAgent.com site, as part of QSC's Real Excellence Program™, is the only other available source of real estate agent ratings and reviews that meets or exceeds the new Gold Standard of customer feedback accuracy.

Why don't any other systems meet this standard? Ever wonder how some agents have more glowing reviews than homes sold? Or how on some sites, nearly every agent has a perfect rating?

  1. There are open sites that allow anyone to rate any agent resulting in the appearance of legitimate reviews from people who have never actually worked with the agent
    • Friends and family may provide positively biased reviews
    • Competitors provide negative reviews
    • Ballot box stuffing becomes a common practice
  2. Many services allow the agent to invite only the clients they select, creating a positive bias
    • Under this practice it is difficult, even impossible for real buyers and sellers "not invited" by the agent to provide their feedback
    • Often these systems allow a survey invitation to a customer who may have only met an agent or had very minimal contact far short of a complete transaction; verification or invalidation of such relationships becomes impossible
  3. Another system claims to survey "every customer", but does not disclose that "every customer" means only those for whom agent has voluntarily provided an e-mail address
    • Agents in this system quickly learn by withholding e-mail addresses when uncertain of the client's positive feedback assures a survey will not be sent
  4. Some systems empower the agent with a "delete" button to remove unfavorable feedback or comments presenting ONLY satisfied customer "reviews"
    • This filtered and scrubbed data is by definition testimonials, not REAL ratings and reviews
    • Publishing "ratings and reviews" that are less than complete and transparent misleads consumers
    • Knowingly marketing false or misleading information is a violation of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics

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