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Myths About Satisfaction Assessment, RatedAgent.com and QSC
Myth: Only unhappy people respond to surveys.
Fact: While this is a common misconception, study after study (including our own extensive research) show that dissatisfied customers are no more or less motivated to complete a survey than satisfied customers.
Myth: If the agents pay for this, then it can’t be objective.
Fact: As the administrator of the survey process, Leading Research Corporation has no vested interest in the outcome. Only when those administering the process care about the results, is there a conflict of interest.
Myth: Consumer ratings don’t help successful top-producing agents or experienced agents.
Fact: Everyone can benefit from feedback and a better understanding of how their customers feel. No matter how much experience one has, feedback either validates good or identifies opportunity to improve. Self proclaimed excellence is not nearly as reliable to most consumers as independent validation of actual past customers’ experiences.
Myth: Everyone is so highly rated, there must be a way for agents to have bad reviews eliminated.
Fact: All reviews, good or bad remain part of an agents rating for 3 years. Every client, from each closed transaction is given an opportunity to complete a survey. If an agent believes a review to be false (not just a bad rating, but factually untrue or completed by someone other than their client) there is a defined and controlled review process. This process requires the office manager, not the agent involved, provide written, fact based documentation. It is then reviewed by the Director of Operations, COO or CEO at QSC. In over 10 years, less than 0.0001% of surveys have been removed after a thorough review.
Myth: You can pay or advertise to increase your rating.
Fact: We have seen this claim, and occasional law suits about other rating sites. We hope they are not true. This would defeat the purpose of consumer ratings. As for RatedAgent.com, we do not currently offer advertising opportunities to agents. This may change in the future, but will in no way impact an agent's Customer Satisfaction Rating. The CSR displayed on RatedAgent.com is a simple average and is determined solely on the feedback from past customers. If rating sites use a "proprietary algorithm", secret formula or other mysterious calculation to determine a rating then how can the public be assured that advertising dollars spent is not a part of that formula?
Myth: If an agent has no Customer Satisfaction Rating posted, it means they are hiding something.
Fact: There are several reasons why an agent listed on RatedAgent.com would not have a Customer Satisfaction Rating displayed with their profile. Ratings are not posted until two surveys have been returned so they could be new to the program. Agents have the option to keep their rating private (not an option for QSC members). There are several reasons an agent may want to do this. Instead of assuming the worst, you may ask them why the CSR is not displayed and whether they are willing to share the rating with you.
Myth: Agents control what is/is not displayed, hiding or burying bad comments.
Fact: Agents listed on this site do have some control over what information is shared and what is kept private. For instance, agents can elect to share or not share their CSR. They may choose to share any or all of the detailed responses to each survey question. If they choose to show customer comments then ALL comments must be shown.
Myth: RatedAgent.com is designed to present agents in a good/bad light.
Fact: RatedAgent.com was designed to give agents the opportunity to measure their service performance using a scientific designed and independently administered process, and to display the validated results online.
Myth: Other Rating programs are available to agents for “free”.
Fact: In this case, you get what they pay for. See the FAQs page for more information on the different rating website models. The truth is QSC/RatedAgent.com offers a superior, more comprehensive product that is well tested and actually improves agent service quality over time. If an agent doesn’t believe that it is worth a few cents a day to measure their service results and hold themselves to a higher standard of accountability, RatedAgent.com offers consumers an alternative.
Myth: The program is not flexible – there are too many requirements.
Fact: The service training, education and additional resources available with the QSC designation have always been optional. Agents across the country have been participating for years without completing training and earning the QSC designation. With the launch of RatedAgent.com, those agents can now publish their validated survey results for the world to see.
Myth: RatedAgent.com and the survey process it utilizes were modeled on other real estate survey programs.
Fact: The QSC \RatedAgent.com model has been in use since 1998. It is the model others have copied.

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