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How RatedAgent.com Works

RatedAgent.com Helps the Seller and Buyer Find the Best Agent

The dilemma that you and other consumers face is finding the “best” real estate agent to help with the home selling or buying process. Ratings of an agent, among other factors, may be figured into the selection process, but only if you trust their validity.

Unbiased Customer Satisfaction Survey© results for those agents who elect to participate in RatedAgent.com are available online for you to view. No gimmicks. No games. No charge to you the consumer. Survey data is aggregated from ratings provided by past clients after the transaction has closed. Surveys are administered and results are compiled and verified by an independent research company.

Three Types of Ratings May Be Viewed on RatedAgent.com
1. Customer Satisfaction Rating

This is the average score of an overall satisfaction question on both seller and buyer surveys, compiled over the last 3 years. An agent may choose to display this, but has no control over changing the result.

2. Statistics Displayed for Individual Survey Questions

An agent may choose to display any or all of these statistics. An agent has no control to change results.

3. Seller and Buyer Comments

An agent may choose to display past customer comments on an all or nothing basis. All comments are compiled over the last 3 years.

More Details of the Types of Ratings Found on RatedAgent.com

Agents have some control over what rating information from the surveys is made public. They can choose to display their overall Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSR), they can publish summarized responses to specific questions and they can choose to include past customer comments on an all or nothing basis. They cannot select specific comments to display or not display; it's all or none. In all cases, information displayed on RatedAgent.com includes all customer reviews for the last 3 years.

  • Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSR)

    The Customer Satisfaction Rating is a score calculated by averaging consumer responses to the Overall Satisfaction question listed on both buyer and seller surveys. Response options range from 1 (Very Dissatisfied) to 5 (Very Satisfied). The CSR continuously updates as new responses are received, and includes results for the past 3 years. Click here to see both the buyer and seller copies of the Customer Satisfaction Survey©.

  • Statistics Displayed for Individual Survey Questions

    Statistics are compiled from the responses to each of the survey questions, and may be individually displayed by an agent on the RatedAgent .com website. The agent can decide which questions to publish but has no control to change or omit results.

  • Seller and Buyer Comments

    Sellers and buyers may choose to write comments when responding to the survey. If an agent elects to display customer comments, all comments for the last 3 years will be included. Comments can be typed or handwritten depending on how the customer completed the survey (online vs. hard copy survey). Efforts are made to remove personally identifiable information or inappropriate language without compromising the value of the feedback.

It is important to note that not all agents will have a rating included with their profile. Ratings are not displayed until a minimum of 2 surveys have been returned to the research company. Also, some agents choose the option of keeping their ratings private.

A RatedAgent and the Survey Process…What Buyers and Sellers Can Expect

Once a transaction closes that was serviced by a RatedAgent, an independent research company sends the seller or buyer the Customer Satisfaction Survey© . In most cases the survey will be sent to the buyer’s or seller’s email address. If requested or no email address is available, a hard copy of the survey is mailed instead to the buyer or seller.

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