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What You Should Know About RatedAgent.com
  • RatedAgent.com and affiliated sites are owned and operated by Quality Service Certification, Inc. (QSC) and Leading Research Corporation (LRC).
  • Consumers participate free of charge, by using the site to find and select a Real Estate professional and/or by filling out a survey after completing a transaction with a participating agent. Your feedback will help other customers make better, more informed decisions.
  • For over a decade we have been offering independently validated consumer generated Agent Ratings for free.
  • QSC is the authority and main driver of service assessment and customer satisfaction ratings within the Real Estate industry.
  • RatedAgent.com is not just about ratings, it's about raising the bar for service in the industry and helping agents exceed client expectations, everyday. Learn How.
  • QSC is the premier provider of resources, education and training to measure and improve the service Real Estate and other professionals provide to customers.
  • QSC and LRC have sent over 1,000,000 surveys to buyers and sellers after closing to evaluate service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • The evaluation is a CLOSED system, meaning that every customer served has the opportunity to complete a survey and only actual customers are given that opportunity.
  • RatedAgent.com is open to licensed real estate agents in the US and Canada. Agents inside and outside North America, interested in participating can learn more here or contact us.
    Learn about the myths and facts regarding QSC and RatedAgent.com.
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